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Technology: mains water connection

When using a vibration pump and when operating with a connection to the water mains, the line pressure should not exceed 1.2 bar.
We have a corresponding pressure reducer on offer (but any other pressure reducer with a pressure gauge can also be used for checking).
As with all devices connected to the water mains, we recommend a shut-off device in front of the machine.


Pressure reducer with pressure gauge | 57,00 €

On request we can also supply a pressure-resistant connection hose.
You only have to specify the length (also in increments of 1/10 meter) and how the thread should be at the end of the hose.

Part 1: Machine -> Pressure reducer

Base price | 15,04 €

Length of PTFE hose 6mm / price per metre | 2,87 €

Part 2:  Pressure reducer -> water mains

Basie price | 15,04 €

Length of PTFE hose 6mm / price per metre | 2,87 €

The outlet of the expansion valve can either be drained into the drip tray or into the tank. If the machine is initially to be operated with a tank, the return flow should be diverted into the tank.
If the machine is to be operated directly from the water supply, we recommend draining it into a drip tray. With a bit of silicone tubing (8x5) you can easily switch between the two variants.


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Xenia: Valves and Portafilters


Rotary handle valve | included in the price

Joystick valves | 68,00 €

The joystick valves are meterable (like rotary valves). In addition, they have a rubber sleeve on the steam wand.
A 4-hole nozzle is installed on the steam wand and the water wand is in the long version.
4-hole nozzles result in a very short frothing time (depending on the amount of milk): about 20 seconds

Water wand

Standard is the short version of the water wand, because it is more practical in most cases.
The long water wand is only useful if you often fill tall cups/glasses with hot water

Water wand short | included in the price

Water wand long | 14,00 €


The 2-hole nozzle is installed as standard, which allows frothing at a decent speed, but still gives inexperienced users enough time to prevent the milk from boiling.
The frothing time for the milk for 2 cappuccini is 30-40 seconds.

In addition, you can purchase a 1-hole nozzle (then you have twice the time for frothing without any stress) and/or a 4-hole nozzle (about half the time).
However, these two options are not always available.

4-hole nozzle | 7,20 €

1-hole nozzle | 7,20 €

Valve ports

Since the connections for steam and water in the machine are symmetrical, the arrangement of the valves can be selected.
Right-handed users usually choose the steam valve on the left side, while left-handed users usually do better with frothing with a steam wand on the right side.

Steam wand left

Steam wand right

Valve knobs

2 knobs per selection are always supplied. The price quoted takes that into account.

Explanations joystick knobs (1)

Plastic | included in the price

Joystick, oak | 54,00 €

Joystick, olive | 54,00 €

Joystick, Grenadilla & Maple | 64,00 €

Portafilter/ filter holder

The standard version of the Xenia comes with a portafilter with a plastic handle. Optionally, other materials can be selected below.
Alternatively, for an extra charge, the filter holders can be supplied as stainless steel versions, which are insensitive to mechanical cleaning as there is no chrome layer.

Single spout & blind filter

Double spout & blind filter

Filter holder, bottomless

Stainless steel, single spout & blind filter | 21 €

Stainless steel, double spout & blind filter | 22 €

Note: The stainless steel parts get less quickly or not quite as warm as the same brass filter holders.

Portafilter handles

The standard portafilter is supplied with a plastic handle, which can be exchanged for another handle at extra cost.

Divider - Portafilter handles (1)

Plastic | included in the price

Portafilter, oak, with edge, approx. 14cm | 56,00 €

Portafilter, olive, with edge, approx. 14cm | 56,00 €

Portafilter, grenadilla & maple, w/ edge, ≈ 14cm Grenadill+Ahorn | 66,00 €

Olive wood has different grains (from calm to wildly mixed) and colourings. It is possible that small cracks appear after a short time, which you can repair yourself. They can be caused, for example, by large temperature differences during transport or tension in the wood. In this case, you can get a short repair instruction from us and generally no further crack will follow. The stability is usually not endangered, but we still ask for a picture in such a case.

We normally glue the handles with medium adhesive strength. On request, however, they can be delivered unglued so that they can be loosened more quickly. We only glue the filter holder handles and not the valve knobs, as these could otherwise no longer be loosened.
Note: Glued portafilter handles can be loosened by clamping them in the warmed-up machine for approx. 30 min, because the glue then becomes flexible.

Additional portafilters

No additional portafilters

One additional portafilters

Two additional portafilters

First additional portafilter

Single spout | 32,00 €

Double spout | 32,00 €

Filter holder, bottomless | 32,00 €

Stainless steel, single spout | 53,00 €

Stainless steel, double spout | 54,00 €

Handle of the first additional portafilter

Each additional portafilter has a plastic handle as standard. It can be exchanged for a different handle for an additional charge.

Plastic | included in the price

Oak, with edge, ≈14cm | 56,00 €

Olive, with edge, ≈ 14cm | 56,00 €

Portafilter, grenadilla & maple, w/ edge, ≈14cm | 66,00 €

Second additional portafilter

Single spout | 32,00 €

Double spout | 32,00 €

Filter holder, bottomless | 32,00 €

Stainless steel, single spout | 53,00 €

Stainless steel, double spout | 54,00 €

Handle of the second additional portafilter

Each additional portafilter has a plastic handle as standard. It can be exchanged for a different handle for an additional charge.

Plastic | included in the price

Oak, with edge, ≈14cm | 56,00 €

Olive, with edge, ≈14cm | 56,00 €

Portafilter, grenadilla & maple, w/ edge, ≈14cm | 66,00 €

Filter baskets

The standard portafilter is supplied with a single and a double baskets and a blind filter.

The size of the matched baskets can be selected.

Basket set A (SIA) | included in the price

Basket set B (SIB) | included in the price

Basket set A includes a single-serving basket with a height of 19mm and a double-serving basket with a height of 22mm. Basket set B includes a single-serving basket with a height of 24 mm and a double-serving basket with a height of 25 mm. Set A is more likely to achieve the often recommended 7 grams (single serve basket) or 14 grams (double serve basket). Set B requires more ground coffee for a good shot and the espressos are more intense with this set in our opinion.

Both sets are matched in such a way that you only have to change the grind slightly or not at all when switching from the single serve basket to the double serve basket and vice versa.

Additional filter baskets

You can also select more than one basket here by using the +/- switches after selecting the basket.

Additional basket set A (ZSSA) | 8,00 €

Additional basket set B (ZSSB) | 8,00 €


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  • Tamper


Beech wood - black | 31,00 €


Tamper, olive wood, grained | 71,00 €


Tamper, oak wood | 71,00 €


Grenadilla/maple wood | 77,00 €


Tamper, olive wood, black teflon base | 86,00 €

  • Milk jug

Stainless steel milk jug 0.5l with spout | 17,00 €

  • Brew group cleaning

  • The Espazzola is a special brush that makes it very easy to clean the brew group.

Espazzola, black | 29,00 €

  • Cup elevator

Two cups | 45,00 €

  • Knock boxes

mirror finish, wooden handle | 103,60 €


black, wooden handle | 111,60 €


mirror finish, metal handle | 112,60 €


black, metal handle | 124,60 €

Depending on availability from the manufacturer, the wood of the wooden handles can be made of cherry wood (and look lighter than in the picture) or darker (walnut). Since we have no influence on this, we ask you to ask what type of wood the handle currently has.

Alternatively, you can also choose a handle made of olive wood or oak.

Knock box with olive wood handle | 34,00 €

Knock box with oak wood handle | 34,00 €

  • T-Shirts

  • The t-shirts are produced on our behalf by a small company in Berlin.
    The lettering and the logo are applied with flock printing. The material is cotton (approx. 200 grams/sqm).
    The colours are: black or dark brown. In the last field you can enter a colour request, but we cannot always promise that it will be fulfilled.

TShirt Bild 3

Xenia Espresso-T-Shirt | 22,00 €

TShirt Bild 1
TShirt Bild 2


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Configuration completion

  • Configuration type

Binding nature of the configuration

This configuration is added to the production list.
The purchase contract is concluded when the invoice is sent.

Note: This configuration is for your own information only.

This configuration replaces the previous configuration.
For the sake of simplicity, there is no further confirmation and the changes are not included in the
prodution list, but are taken into account in production.

By clicking on Cancellation policy  you can view the legal regulations. After sending the configuration/order, we look at it and send comments if necessary. If everything fits, the invoice is issued, to which the general terms and conditions, cancellation policy and data protection declaration are attached once again.
Note: The production time displayed when submitting the configuration is only an estimate and may vary.

Delivery and dispatch

Collection in 16727 Velten, Germany

Shipping within Germany | 28,00 €

Shipping to the Netherlands | 44,00 €

Shipping to Austria | 42,00 €

Shipping to Sweden | 84,00 €

Shipping to Sweden | 94,00 €

Shipping to Australia| 242,00 €

Shipping to New Zealand | 242,00 €

Export to Switzerland

  • Workshop

  • You can get to know your Xenia even better if you assemble it yourself. As part of a supervised and prepared workshop, you will assemble your own Xenia espresso machine step by step.
    However, workshops are not offered regularly and you can see available dates here:
    List of workshop dates

Workshop in a group of 2 | 240,00 €

  • Shipping options Switzerland

22,00 €

200,00 €

Note on shipping to an address in Switzerland: We commission a service provider to handle the customs formalities.
The invoice will then be issued without German sales tax, so that a refund no longer has to be made.
Swiss VAT and customs/fees apply in Switzerland.
For a delivery with grinder, the amount increases by approx. 50 euros.

For shipping to the German border, there is the option below to specify a different delivery address.

  • VAT refund (Switzerland)

The refund of VAT is an additional service and the associated formalities require about 45 minutes of work. Therefore the flat rate of 55 euros for this work time.

Refund of VAT is desired | 55,00 €

Swiss plug | 4,20 €

  • Name & Address

Please note: GMX and WEB often reject our emails without a message for the recipient or for us. If there is no more message from us, please contact us by phone or via another email address.

  • Delivery address


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Technology Xenia 2K

Catridge Heaters

No cartridge heaters

2x 100 W | 54,00 €

2x 150 W | 71,00 €

Warm-up phase without cartridge heaters: 35-40 minutes (like many other machines).

With 2x 100 W cartridges: 13-14 (better 15) minutes. With 2x 150 W it's 9-10 (better 12) minutes.

  • Boiler sizes

Two boiler sizes are available.

1.4l gross

1.8l gross | 62 €

With the 1.4 litre boiler, the machine is very well suited for use in the home. You can quickly make 2 cappuccinos and there are no significant waiting times if there is a larger group.

With the 1.8 litre boiler, the machine has more steam volume and so you can froth larger quantities of milk in one go (larger than so-called 0.6 litre milk jugs). But you have a higher energy consumption, since more water has to be heated.

  • Boiler insulation

Consisting of 2 mm stainless steel jacket and 10 mm needle felt. Energy saving approx. 8-12% and additional protection for the electrical components. Subsequent installation is not feasible at the same cost, since dismantling the boiler involves a greater scope of work.

No insulation

With insulation | 58,00 €

With insulation | 58,00 €

  • Brew head gasket

Note: Only brew group gaskets made of silicone are currently available.

NBR gasket

Silicone gasket | 7,00 €

  • Connector to the water mains

  • The machine-side connection to the water network is an option that can be retrofitted at any time.

Without connection to the water mains

With connector to the water mains | 96,00 €

  • Pump

  • We are currently installing an Olab Silent Green with 35W.

Vibration pump


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  • Grinder

Of all mill models, we only offer the version with the smaller grinding discs, because according to our experience and measurements, the timer then works more precisely.
The larger the grinding discs are and the faster they rotate, the greater the jump in the amount ground per (adjusted) 1/10 second of grinding time. The amount has an influence on the extraction (due to the swelling when the espresso is drawn) and so small jumps in the amount allow for a more precise setting.

Grinder X50, black | 420,00 €

Grinder X50, white | 450,00 €

Grinder X50, grey | 420,00 €

Grinder X50, anthracite | 450,00 €

Grinder X50, chrome | 480,00 €

The X50 has 2 timers and is noise reduced. Dimensions: 35cm high, 12cm wide, 18cm deep (including fork) and 37cm deep (including portafilter).
The fork is not height adjustable. The colours of the mills are matched with the colours of the Xenia, with anthracite and white being special finishes (hence the slightly higher price).

Grinder X60, black | 730,00 €

  • Coffee

1 kg of coffee from one of our roasters | 22,00 €

If coffee is also ordered with the grinder, we can break in the grinder onto the single-serve basket (set B) and set it to the type of coffee. This eliminates the tedious and frustrating trial and error of wasting beans when setting the grind on a new grinder for beginners. Minor adjustments may still be necessary.

Break in grinder | 24 €

Do not break in grinder | 0 €


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Xenia Configurator


Xenia 2 circuits | 1635 €

with Wi-Fi | 127 €

This version is expected to be available from mid-April 2023. Compared to the basic version, some settings can be made via the web interface (2 timers per day, time of automatic switch-off, switching on and off, switching to tap water operation).

This machine can be upgraded. The conditions are recorded here: Upgrade Dualboiler

Xenia 2 circuits with Wi-Fi | 1592 €

Xenia dual boiler DB | 2235 €

Power regulator DBL | 255 €

Xenia dual boiler DBL | 2325 €

This version of the Xenia has 2 insulated boilers and a power regulator for the heaters of the brew group and brew boiler and for the pump.

This machine can subsequently be upgraded to the DBL version: Upgrade

Due to the economic situation (COVID-19 / war), it may be that not all selected options are available at the time of production of your own machine. We will then suggest suitable alternatives.

Stainless Steel Fascia

The following stainless steel fascias marked 'anodised' are specially coated so that they have a slightly matt appearance and are almost completely insensitive to fingerprints. The coatings are robust and hardly accept dirt. If you remove dirt or coffee splashes promptly with water or glass cleaner, they will remain permanently attractive and a source of pleasure.

Black anodised | 0 €

White anodised | 0 €

Anthracite anodised | 0 €

Stainless steel satin | 0 €

Stainless steel mirror

Red anodised | 66,00 €

Rust finish | 97,00 €

As the "rusty" parts are manufactured individually in several work steps, the colouring may differ very slightly from the example picture as well as from the ordered parts among each other. The tank slide may therefore be slightly darker or lighter than the railing. However, you do not have to fear that it will look unharmonious or patched together.

Notes on the surfaces

The coatings are handmade. For this reason, the coloured fascias may have a few, very small irregularities or dots, which may be visible if you look closely or in the right light, as can be seen here in the picture (right of centre). In areas that are not directly visible, there may be small bulges or discolourations in the range of a few square millimetres, which are the result of the suspension of the fascias in the kiln.