If you have decided to buy a small machine park (espresso machine & grinder), then there are usually also wishes in terms of equipment and design. You can use the configurator on this website to adapt your machine very well in various ways to your wishes and circumstances. It starts with the scale of the pressure gauges and the colour of the signal lights, continues with the choice of the colour of the panels and ends with the electronics. The development and production was tailored to the individualisation of the machines and so we build all machines individually as desired.
Over the course of time, the options have been and are still continuously expanded and the majority of them can also be used on machines that have already been built and delivered.

When buying such expensive machines, the question always arises of how much money you really have to invest. You don't want to spend too much money, but you don't want to invest so little either that you have to buy again after a short time.
When developing the Xenia, the answer to this question was made a central point. One can obtain the machine in a solid basic version and thus first see whether the possibilities of the machine are not already more than sufficient. For most users this will be the case.

But if you still want 'more', you can send in your machine and we will retrofit it - just as if the machine had originally been built that way. The requirements are: The machine was purchased from us by the current owner and is in good condition. Then the additional costs are 700 euros plus the cost of 1/2 maintenance plus the cost of the power regulator with sensors (if selected). If the machine was purchased from a dealer and the dealer does not want to carry out the retrofit or the machine was purchased second-hand, then the additional costs are a full service (link at the foot of the page). aktuellen Eigentümer gekauft und befindet sich in einem ordentlichen Zustand. Dann sind die Mehrkosten bei 700 Euro – plus den Kosten einer Wartung – plus den Kosten für den Leistungsregler mit Sensoren (wenn gewählt).  Die Wartungskosten werden mit einem festen Betrag berechnet – siehe: Link im Fussbereich der Seite.

As parts are exchanged during the upgrade, they are professionally refurbished and installed in new machines. This means that the benefit of the upgrade option comes with the obligation to accept that your own machine can be built with refurbished parts.

This upgrade option is a choice, but not a right, and depends, among other things, on the availability of parts and existing capacities. A corresponding contract for the upgrade is concluded with the invoice prior to the conversion.

Status: 09.12.2022

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