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Farbe der Symbole

Colour of Icons/Lettering

The basic construction of the machine consists of 2 mm plates made of stainless steel. Overlying are 1 mm stainless steel panels. The icons and the lettering...

LED Signal Lights

The machine has four 14 mm signal lights that provide information about the following conditions: Machine switched on, Brew group heating active...
Design Ventile

Design of Valves

There are 2 options for the steam and water valves: with rotary handles, with joystick....
Design der Manometer

Design Pressure Gauges

The pressure gauges (boiler pressure and brewing pressure) are currently available in 2 classic designs: black and white. The pressure gauges are supplied by a renowned Italian ...
Material der Griffe

Material of the Handles

Optional handles made of different types of wood (olive, grenadilla, oak) are available in addition to the usual black plastic handles for portafilter, levers or rotary handles for water/ steam valves...
Die Design-Idee

The Design Idea

Our goal was to design an espresso machine that looks elegant on the one hand, but retains its traditional origin on the other hand. In order to create an elegant design, ...
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