The entire supporting structure was made very stable since forces act on the entire espresso machine when the portafilter is clamped,. All load-bearing parts are cut from 2 mm stainless steel plates. Above that are the panels made of 1 mm stainless steel.
In order to prevent twisting even further, 2 angled struts are built into the top of the machine, which support the front panel against the rear panel.

In addition, a U-shaped profile extends over the entire length of the base plate and thus additionally stabilises the construction against twisting.

This version has another advantage: Not every parcel service employee handles the parcels carefully, but with this structure and the 2mm thickness of the load-bearing parts, it is almost entirely impossible that the machine will be permanently damaged by a fall.

Stainless steel does not give rust a chance either. This is particularly advantageous when a machine repeatedly comes into contact with water and steam. Then stainless steel has a tangible advantage over the often common combination of steel + coating in terms of durability and susceptibility to rust.

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