There are several options for frothing milk.

On the one hand, you can choose between 2 kettle sizes: the household-sized 1.4 l kettle which is good enough for 2 cappuccinos. For a moderate surcharge, a 1.8 l kettle can be installed, which can then froth larger quantities of milk at once (both optionally with and without kettle insulation).

As standard, the machine is supplied with tilt lever valves with a modified 2-hole nozzle, the geometry of which makes it easy to get the milk to rotate. With this nozzle, the frothing time is 30–40 seconds for 2 cappuccinos.

The optional 4-hole nozzle for tilt lever valves roughly halves the frothing time, which therefore requires some practice.
The optional 1-hole nozzle for tilt lever valves roughly doubled the frothing time, which makes it easier for beginners in particular, as you have more time to initiate the individual phases (rolling and pulling phase).

Machines with rotary handle valves are delivered with a 4-hole nozzle.

A note at this point: When extracting espresso, frothing at the same time causes the heating to switch on (for every machine). It has been proven (see Scace-Messungen) that the quality of the espresso is better is when the heating stops while extracting. Even if you can extract and froth at the same time, we recommend extracting the espresso first and then frothing the milk.
The Xenia can offer both variants.

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