The espresso machine is inherently very solid and heavy. The core is a torsion-free chassis made of 2 mm stainless steel sheets, reinforced in every direction. The panels are made of high-quality refined stainless steel sheets. The boiler is made of stainless steel, the brew group is made of chrome-plated brass and the thermal bridge is made of a solid copper plate. In principle, the whole machine consists only of materials that practically do not wear out.

The electrical and electronic components are very robust and, if necessary, are protected against heat by additional measures, which increases their longevity.

In connection with the readily available standard components, the machine can do its job for many years / decades.

If, after years, a part should be defective, you can trust that its standard components can be replaced at a reasonable cost. For many parts (like the solenoid valves) there are even many alternative manufacturers. Due to the structure of the machine, no special tools or special instructions are required to exchange parts.

The value of the machine can easily be preserved for many years. If you do decide to sell it one day, you can be sure that the machine will achieve a good price due to these features and that you will find many potential buyers.

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