The boiler pressure and temperature of the standard version of the Xenia are controlled by tried-and-tested pressure switches. All machines are set to 1.2 bar overpressure in the boiler. Although the water for the espresso extraction does not run directly through the boiler, it does run through the heat exchanger which draws the heat from the boiler. And the thermal bridge of the brew group receives constant heat from the boiler and transfers it to the brew group.

In the event that you want to lower or raise the boiler pressure a little, you can set the pressure switch with a screwdriver through the cup warmer. In this context, reference should be made to the mains voltage of 230 V with which some components of the machine are operated. The pressure switch is operated with only 5 V, nevertheless you have to be careful not to touch other components. This adjustment can only be made when the machine is completely disconnected from the mains.

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